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Odds & Sods
The who odds and sods.jpg
Compilation album by
Released4 October 1974 (1974-10-04)[1]
LabelTrack/MCA, Polydor
ProducerGlyn Johns, Kit Lambert, Peter Meaden, Chris Parmeinter, Shel Talmy, The Who
CompilerJohn Alcock, John Entwistle
The Who chronology
Odds & Sods
Singles from Odds & Sods
  1. "Long Live Rock"
    Released: September 1974 (Europe)
  2. "Postcard"
    Released: November 1974
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3.5/5 stars[2]
Christgau's Record GuideB[3]
Rolling Stone(satisfactory)[6]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide3/5 stars[7]

Odds & Sods is an album that consists of studio outtakes and rarities by British rock band The Who released by Track Records in the UK and Track/MCA in the US in 1974.


In the autumn of 1973, while Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and Keith Moon were preparing for the Tommy film, John Entwistle was put in charge of compiling an album to counter the rampant bootlegging that arose from The Who's concerts.[8] "If John Entwistle had never seen Who's Zoo[9]," observed that bootleg's cover artist William Stout, "we might not have had the legitimate Who release of Odds & Sods."[10]

"I tried to arrange it like a parallel sort of Who career – what singles we might have released and what album tracks we might have released," Entwistle explained.[8] He and the producer of his solo albums, John Alcock, compiled Odds & Sods from various tapes. Two LPs of material were collected, but only one was released. "It could have been a double album, there was that much material," Entwistle said at the time of the album's release.[8]

The album reached No. 10 on the UK charts and No. 8 in the US. Townshend wrote liner notes that included frank opinions of the quality of the songs. The notes were omitted from some copies of the original LP but included on the 1998 remastered CD. The latter featured material from the unreleased second LP.[11]

2011 CD Reissue[edit]

In December 2011, Universal Japan issued the original analog mix for the album on CD with the songs reflecting the order of the original vinyl. The bonus tracks that were issued previously on the 1998 CD remix reissue were added after the original running order of the album. These bonus tracks used the original analog mixes where possible rather than the remixes prepared for the 1998 expanded CD reissue. The reissue was remastered by Jon Astley.


"Little Billy" was written by Townshend for the American Cancer Society, but it never saw the light of day because it never left the office of the record executive Townshend submitted it to.

"I'm the Face" (which is a reworking of the Slim Harpo classic "Got Love If You Want It") was The Who's first record release, when they were still performing as the High Numbers. It was recorded in 1964.

"Put the Money Down", "Too Much of Anything" and "Pure and Easy" were from the aborted Lifehouse project.[12]

The mix of "Under My Thumb" on the 1998 remastered CD is a special stereo remix produced but not used for the Thirty Years of Maximum R&B box set that omits the original fuzzbox guitar part.

The studio version of "Young Man Blues" on the re-issue is not the sampler version of The House that Track Built but a slower out-take (seemingly due to the tape playing at the wrong speed) from the same sessions as the Sampler Version, which was finally released in an alternate mix on the 2013 deluxe version of "Tommy". The iTunes American Store lists this version "Young Man Blues" as an "Alternate Studio Version" and at the end Kit Lambert is heard to remark: "No, that one didn't really work".

The 2011 reissue featuring the original analog mixes has some different takes than the 1998 version. "Young Man Blues" is a different take than the 1998 remix.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Pete Townshend except where noted.

Original album[edit]

Side one
1."Postcard"John Entwistle3:27
2."Now I'm a Farmer" 3:59
3."Put the Money Down" 4:14
4."Little Billy" 2:15
5."Too Much of Anything" 4:26
6."Glow Girl" 2:20
Total length:20:41
Side two
1."Pure and Easy" 5:23
2."Faith in Something Bigger" 3:03
3."I'm the Face" (The High Numbers)Peter Meaden2:32
4."Naked Eye" 5:10
5."Long Live Rock" 3:54
Total length:20:02

1998 remaster[edit]

1."I'm the Face" (The High Numbers)Peter Meaden2:32
2."Leaving Here"Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland2:12
3."Baby Don't You Do It"Holland, Dozier, Holland2:27
4."Summertime Blues" (studio version)Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart3:13
5."Under My Thumb"Mick Jagger, Keith Richards2:44
6."Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand" 3:21
7."My Way"Cochran, Capehart2:26
8."Faith in Something Bigger" 3:03
9."Glow Girl" 2:24
10."Little Billy" 2:17
11."Young Man Blues" (alternate version)Mose Allison2:44
12."Cousin Kevin Model Child"John Entwistle1:24
13."Love Ain't for Keeping" (Pete Townshend on lead vocals) 4:03
14."Time Is Passing" 3:29
15."Pure and Easy" 5:21
16."Too Much of Anything" 4:21
17."Long Live Rock" 3:56
18."Put the Money Down" 4:29
19."We Close Tonight" 2:56
21."Now I'm a Farmer" 4:06
22."Water" 4:39
23."Naked Eye" 5:26
Total length:77:03

CD Reissue 2011 (SHM-CD)[edit]

2."Now I'm a Farmer"4:11
3."Put the Money Down"4:04
4."Little Billy"2:15
5."Too Much of Anything"4:24
6."Glow Girl"2:15
7."Pure and Easy"5:25
8."Faith in Something Bigger"3:07
9."I'm the Face"2:31
10."Naked Eye"5:16
11."Long Live Rock"3:56
12."Leaving Here"2:15
13."Baby Don't You Do It"2:30
14."Summertime Blues" (studio version)3:16
15."Under My Thumb"2:47
16."Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand"2:10
17."My Way"2:27
18."Young Man Blues"2:45
19."Cousin Kevin Model Child"1:25
20."Love Ain't for Keeping"4:07
21."Time Is Passing"3:30
22."We Close Tonight"2:55
Total length:75:48


The Who


  • John Entwistle – album compilation
  • John Alcock – album compilation
  • Peter Meaden – production
  • Chris Parmeinter – production
  • Kit Lambert – production
  • Glyn Johns – associate production
  • Roger Daltrey – sleeve concept
  • Graham Hughes – album cover design, photography, design concept
  • Pete Townshend – liner notes
  • Jon Astley  - 1998 reissue producer
  • Chris Charlesworth – executive producer, 1998 reissue
  • Bill Curbishley – executive producer, 1998 reissue
  • Robert Rosenberg – executive producer, 1998 reissue
  • Richard Evans – design & art direction, 1998 reissue
  • Andy MacPherson – mixing, 1998 reissue

Chart performance[edit]

Year Chart Position
1974 Billboard Pop Albums 15[citation needed]
UK Chart Albums 10[13]


Organization Level Date
RIAA – US Gold 9 December 1974[14]


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